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Rent Support Program

If you meet the eligibility below you may also want assistance with renting. Learn more here about how we can help you maintain independent living.
Rent Support Program


**Students who would like to do shared accommodation and are under 18 years old are also eligible for the program
Rent Support Program

About the Program

The Rent Support Program assists young people who have the capacity to live independently. NWYAS provides short, focused support to gain housing in the private rental market.
Feel like all you need is a place to feel stable? Need support to consider rentals?
The Rent Support Program helps young people who are in unstable housing by focusing on 4 key areas including:
  1. Support young people to access accommodation options in the private rental market.
  2. Develop their skills throughout the rental process.
  3. Maintain their current accommodation and transition into their new place.
  4. Sustain their accommodation in the private rental market.

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What can Case Workers help me with?

Rent Support Program

What Support Can I Receive?

Support includes:
*NWYAS has access to limited brokerage which can help young people meet case management goals, for example: getting identification to assist with rental applications.

We are here to help ALL young people.

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  1. Call NWYAS on (07) 3855 5233 and complete a referral with a Case Worker over the phone;
  2. You will then be invited to attend a meeting with a Case Worker at the office to begin the program.

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