Support & Accommodation

We are a Specialist Homelessness Service and a registered provider in receipt of funding and assistance from the Queensland Government to provide “Transitional Supported Accommodation” to young people.

NWYAS has developed an Integrated Model of Service Delivery that helps us to bring together the provision of Specialist Homelessness Support Services with our function as a provider of Transitional Housing. It is the integration of these two parts of our core business that provides an environment where young people that access our service have the opportunity to;

  • Be housed in safe, secure and affordable accommodation;
  • Receive individual support to address barriers to securing longer term accommodation;
  • Develop their own sense of “home”, and “place”, from which they can make plans for their future and start working towards those plans;
  • Have an experience of the responsibilities of renting a property and meeting the obligations of a Residential Tenancy Agreement;
  • Make mistakes, and receive support to learn from those mistakes; better enabling them to sustain tenancies in future accommodation.

integrated service delivery model


Case Workers assist young people to work on the areas that can help them get more stable and independent for the future. The main focus of support is:

  • Accessing long term, independent accommodation
  • Independent Living Skills Development;
    • Budgeting
    • Cooking;
    • Cleaning.
  • Sustaining Tenancy Support;
    • Managing friends and visitors;
    • Meeting responsibilities of being a Tenant.
  • Client guided support including:
    • General and Mental Health (finding doctors, getting to appointments);
    • Relationships (family, partner);
    • Employment and Training (making decisions about your future, finding work, studying).
    • Support with being a parent or pregnant.
    • Help with Identification and other practical assistance.

NWYAS uses the Outcomes Star™ to focus on the needs, potential and development of each individual young person.

The Outcomes Star™ facilitates discussions between young people and their Case Worker for the development of an action focused plan towards changes that the young person would like to see their life.

The Outcomes Star™ helps us to see where the young person is at in the following areas of their lives (pictured to the right):



NWYAS manages 14 properties (1 and 2 bedroom units and townhouses) which are provided through assistance from the Department of Housing and Public Works.

The properties are located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Young people receiving assistance from NWYAS enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement which includes the following conditions:

  • Pay rent of 25% of income
    (if a young person has no income, they are encouraged to contact us to discuss their situation);
  • Pay a bond of 4 weeks rent;
  • Pay for their own electricity, gas and other utilities;
  • Take care of the property;
  • Allow others the quiet peace and enjoyment of their home;
  • No pets are allowed;
  • Other special conditions that deal with how often visitors can stay,
  • Supply updated income details when requested for “Rent Reviews”


By bringing together our Specialist Homelessness Support services and the provision of Transitional Accommodation, NWYAS Inc. has adopted a range of strategies which specifically aim to support young people to sustain both their tenancies with us, and future tenancies they enter into. These include:

  • Provision of tenancy education throughout the course of a young person’s tenancy with us;

As many of our clients have not been responsible for a tenancy before, they require information and assistance to learn how to manage their tenancies. All stages of a young person’s accommodation with us offer opportunities for education; from sighting the property prior to accepting an offer of housing, to remedying breaches, to the tenancy exit and bond refund – NWYAS Inc. aims to replicate the experience of renting in the private market so that young people are well equipped to manage the expectations of independent living.

  • Provision of Tenancy Transition Support;

It is our experience that the transition from one place of accommodation to another can be a bumpy one for young people. Providing additional support to young people as they exit NWYAS Inc. accommodation to longer term and more independent housing can prevent the “glitches” that can put tenancies at risk.

  • Tenancy Reviews:

Young people are offered fixed term lease agreements which are renewed following successful participation in a tenancy review. The tenancy review takes place when the young person has been in our accommodation for long enough to have demonstrated that they are utilising our support services, and have the skills to manage their tenancy.

  • Tenancy Risk Management:

Early identification of tenancies at risk is essential to sustaining tenancies. Our “Tenancy @ Risk” process provides a means to identify young people who may struggle to sustain their tenancy and implements strategies to involve the young person in understanding the factors that are impacting on their tenancies, and address those factors, with our support.


Our Integrated Service Delivery Model resulted in the following achievements for the young people who accessed our service in the past financial year:

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