Our Program

North West Youth Accommodation Service (NWYAS) provides Transitional Supported Accommodation. This means that every young person in our accommodation program engages regularly with one of our Case Workers and works on areas of support the young person has identified.

Support Services

Case Workers are available to assist young people to work on the areas that can help them get more stable and independent for the future. Some young people access support in the following areas:

  • Help looking for accommodation after NWYAS.
  • Help with learning the skills needed to live independently¬†(cooking, cleaning, and budgeting).
  • Help staying in school or getting back to school.
  • Looking into training and employment options.
  • Help with general and mental health – finding doctors, getting¬†to appointments.
  • Support with being a parent or pregnant.
  • Helping get Identification and other practical assistance.

Tenancy Services

NWYAS manages 14 properties – 10 of which are supplied to us through the Department of Housing.

Tenancy Services are undertaken by the Tenancy Worker. Through our tenancy Worker, young people are able to learn about their rights and responsibilities as a tenant in a rental property.

Young People are required to pay a bond and fortnightly rent, keep the property in good condition and report anything that needs maintenance or repair in the property.

Tenants are also required to make sure that they do not interfere with the peace and enjoyment of their neighbours.