Helping Out For a Worthy Cause!

Helping Out For a Worthy Cause!

Moving home or office, well, it’s something no one likes to do. When Christine contacted our office for a quote to help the folks at North West Youth Accommodation Service move office, we thought we’d lend a hand to such a valuable and worthy cause and donate our services to help move their office to a new location – I’m sure they could use the money to help someone less fortunate than us!

But even with professional movers involved, moving can still be a nightmare if you do not approach it the right way. If you happen to be moving soon, or you know someone who is, here’s a help guide to prepare you for a budget-friendly and stress-fee move:


1) Always Start Early

Normally, you have at least a month before the actual moving day. Never make the mistake of getting the ball rolling at the last minute. Moving house involves too many things, and doing them in hurry is a major misstep. Stress and haste are a recipe for disaster. If possible, start the whole process 6 weeks before the final day. It’s also a good idea to have a moving checklist with you.


2) Take Inventory

What exactly do you own and in what condition is it? You will need to have that information especially if you are using removalists. This will help you make claims in case your removalists lose or damage an item. For some really valuable pieces, do more than just writing – take pictures and videos as well.


3) Declutter

Moving is a great time to comb through your possessions and get rid of things you do not need. This not only makes your move manageable but also reduces the money you will spend on professional movers. All your items can be grouped into three categories: things to give away, things to save, and things to throw away.

If you have any items like household furniture that are in good shape but you do not use, NWYAS would appreciate your donation. You will be for sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


4) Get a Good Removalist

A good removalist will make your whole relocation a breeze. A bad one might leave you wishing you went the DIY way. But how do you swim through the ocean of bad companies to get to Island No Stress?

A good way is to check testimonials. What are the past customers saying about the company? People will usually leave a rant or two if it’s a negative experience, and finding these is no problem. You can use the internet here.


5) Decide Whether to Self-Pack or let removalist do it

Self-Packing will save you money, but hiring removalists will save you time and stress. It all comes down to what’s important to you. If you want, you can customise your move, say, let the removalists handle certain rooms while you pack others like bedrooms.


6) If self-packing, Label your boxes

You can’t possibly remember what is in which box, your memorizing powers won’t exactly be their sharpest during this time. That is why it is important to label your boxes by what is inside. Indicate both the room and the content as well.


7) Have a box of Essentials

Remember to have your essential supplies in an easily accessible box. These are things that you will need frequently throughout your move.


8) Documents

Make sure you put all your agreements with your removalist in writing, then keep all documents filed as one. You would see the importance of such in case a dispute arose.


9) Re-Use Boxes to Save Cash

To save money, you can utilize used boxes. There are lots of ways to get these. You can check sites like Craigslist or Gumtree to find either giveaways or really cheap offers. If you get them brand new, you can also resell them to recover some money.


10) Buy slightly More Than You Think You Need

Always remember to get extra packing boxes. Running out of supplies due to miscalculation does not help a smooth move. That happens frequently, though, and it can be disrupting so make sure you have more than enough. Some suppliers let you return the ones you have not used.

Details of the removalist company in Brisbane who are sponsoring our relocation can be found with the follow contact details:

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