NWYAS 2014-2015 Annual Report

NWYAS 2014-2015 Annual Report

Our Annual Reports are produced to provide information to members and other stakeholders about financial and service delivery activities of the organisation.

I am delighted to deliver my final annual report as President of North West Youth Accommodation Service (NWYAS). It is my intention to continue to serve on the committee.
I begin this report by noting Tanya’s resignation which brings to a close her ten year commitment to NWYAS.

It is with pride and optimism for the future that I firmly believe that NWYAS will continue to be acclaimed for its outstanding contribution as a specialist youth homeless service.

Tanya has optimised the skills of her staff which ensures that NWYAS is providing enviable support services, tenancy management and financial accountability.

The incoming Management Committee undoubtedly has the skills and the passion necessary to ensure NWYAS will continue to provide compassionate and practical support to homeless youth.

As this is my final report after 25 years on this Committee, please allow me a degree of nostalgia. My interest and passion for dealing with youth homelessness goes back to the early 1980s. During this time, through my involvement with the East Brisbane Community Centre and the Woolloongabba Community Support Service, I became aware that the institutionalisation of young people by the Queensland Government was responsible for increasing numbers of homeless youth.

After my premature retirement as the MP for South Brisbane in 1986, I had the opportunity to meet Brian Burdekin, the Human Rights Commissioner. I was able to convince him to announce a National Inquiry into Youth Homelessness. Consequently I was employed as the Senior Consultant during the conduct of this Inquiry. At the Brisbane hearing evidence from a Queensland Government employee admitted that the majority of homeless were youth who were previously in State care.

The inadequacy of public and social housing as well as the decline of government funding for homeless services is a serious concern. About fifty percent of low income households are experiencing financial difficulties in the private rental market.

I am delighted that Robert has accepted the role of President, and that we continue to provide quality Committee members. This will ensure excellent support to the incoming Manager. I would also like to give thanks to our local member, Tim Mander for his continuing support.

I conclude by congratulating Tanya for her magnificent contribution to NWYAS. Thanks to the legacy that Tanya leaves, NWYAS will attract a field of highly competent applicants. Tanya’s team of Deon, Christine, Sarah, Heather and Suzie are all deserving of commendation.

Jim Fouras


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