INFO for Workers/Families

As our main goal is to assist young people to make the transition to independence, North West Youth Accommodation Service Inc. needs to speak directly with young people in order to complete their referral to our service.

This also ensures that young people are informed about how our program works, and that the process of determining eligibility can begin.

All young people making contact with NWYAS Inc. are offered confidentiality and privacy in relation to any information they provide us.

We recognise that young people often come to our service with established relationships with support services.

When we have received written consent from a young person to share information, our service prefers to work with family members and other professionals / support services to provide the best support for that young person.

*** There are limits to this offer of confidentiality and privacy. Most importantly, this relates to any information provided to us that raises concerns about the safety of any individual – this could be the young person we are talking to, or someone else that they tell us about.

More information about the limits of our confidentiality are available by speaking with a Case Worker, or by reading our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy here.

North West Youth Accommodation Service does not have crisis accommodation, our Case Workers can assist the young person or family to find crisis accommodation through the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform, please encourage them to give us a call.