About Homelessness

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Development of a new Housing Strategy

23 March 2016:

  • Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said the new strategy would take a broader perspective on housing; building on the recent Fairness Review and this government’s commitment to improve the delivery of frontline services.

Housing Strategy 2020

In July 2013, The Queensland Government announced reforms to the social housing system. Delivery of this strategy was to be guided by five principles that reflect the Government’s approach to building a four pillar economy:

  • Renewing and reconfiguring social housing.
  • Growing and innovating through partnerships.
  • Facilitating housing pathways to the private market.
  • Better use of social housing and support resources.
  • Improving the housing outcomes of Queenslanders most in need.

Objectives of the strategy:

  • Build 12,000 additional social and affordable housing dwellings.
  • Transfer 90% of the management of all social housing dwellings to the non-government sector.
  • Create conditions for 8 to 10 major providers in social housing management working with smaller specialist providers through a fair and equitable procurement model.
  • Reduce state-wide under-occupancy of social housing to 2%.
  • Provide assistance to 250,000 low-income households to remain in or move to the private rental market instead of social housing.
  • Facilitate 5 major urban renewal projects, including revitalising areas which have a high concentration of social housing.
  • Implement an integrated triage system for those with multiple needs, including disabilities, entering the housing system. This ensures services are used more efficiently and effectively.
  • Deliver 820 new Indigenous properties for rent and transition at least 200 Indigenous families to home ownership in remote communities, to reduce overcrowding and take the pressure off social housing.
  • Implement the National Regulatory System Framework to help develop and oversee a robust and financially viable community housing sector.

Download the Housing 2020 Strategy PDF

The White Paper

In December 2008 the Federal Government released a White Paper on Homelessness called “The Road Home: A National Approach to Reducing Homelessness“.

It outlines the Federal Governments policy in responding to Homelessness and the targets it has set for itself in reducing homelessness nationally. The two “headline” goals identified in the White Paper are:

  • Halve overall homelessness by 2020.
  • Offer accommodation to all rough sleepers who need it by 2020.

In addition to these main goals, the White Paper identifies three broad strategies for reducing homelessness.

These are:

  • Turning off the tap: Services will intervene early to prevent homelessness.
  • Improving and expanding services: services will be more connected and responsive to achieve sustainable housing, improve economic and social participation and end homelessness for their clients.
  • Breaking the cycle: people who become homeless will move quickly through the crisis system to stable housing with the support they need so that homelessness does not recur.