Vision, Mission and Value Statement Our Value Statement

The Vision of North West Youth Accommodation Service Inc. is to provide a service that best meets young peoples’ changing and diverse needs as they transition to independence. We intend to create an environment that seeks out unmet needs and provides high staff development and client satisfaction.

The objectives of the organisation are to:
hands of diversity

  • Offer safe accommodation and empowering support to homeless young people. Provide a consistent and equitable level of care within a healthy environment
  • Provide opportunities and positive encouragement for young people to participate in mainstream society
  • Recognise the changing needs of young people and associated issues and provide a responsive service
  • Advocate for fair treatment and entitlements for service users from the community by action and information
  • Develop and encourage service users to participate in programs, organisations and activities that enable young people to gain independence and responsibility of their own lives
  • Maintain and develop a high level of staff knowledge and practice in all aspects of youth work by regular training, supervision and networking with the community.

NWYAS Inc. has a Mission to assist young people aged 16 to 25 years, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The intention of our service is to enable young people to develop the skills and confidence to live independently within the wider community.

Our values bring together the way we work and operate within the organisation and work with the young people that we provide accommodation and support to and work within our local community. Our values are integral to how we deliver services to young people, our professionalism, recruitment processes and strategic planning processes.


  • Social Justice

At NWYAS Inc. we believe in the principles of social justice and autonomy of the young people we provide services to. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of individual young people. NWYAS Inc. advocates with young people to ensure equal access to services and resources

  • Quality of Life

We are committed to upholding the right of all young people to have their basic needs met – including those of shelter, food and safety. We value the connections that young people have to their family, friends and communities and seek to contribute to their feelings of self-respect, self-determination and belonging.

  • Privacy, Truthfulness and Full Disclosure

We respect the rights of young people to maintain their privacy, expect honesty and to be fully informed of decisions affecting them.

  • Partnership

We see ourselves as a part of the broader community and service system, and as such, seek opportunities to work in partnership with those who can assist us in achieving our vision. This includes seeking out opportunities to work in collaboration with our clients, fellow service providers, government and community members.